This guy know how make a good Tribal. Sergio "Giomorales" from Portugal was created amazing atmosphere in his single "Gardenya". Soft percussive rhythm and light harmony sent us on a fly, on a journey to unknown ancients tales...

Seven producers were able to fill the journey even more emotion and mood. Your humble servant took a part in an unforgettable journey, of course!

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I'm back to Wulongzu with my lovely track the "Mystic", was been few time released on chinese label. It's a magical vibration which in itself combines the some ethnic flavor in modern rhythm. At this time on the release was been included the remixes by Giomorales, Flip Yopp, Tony C & DJ Jim.

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Do you took already? My first EP released on Forza Mint label is available absolutely free. Let's check how it all began. Go to SoundCloud page and download it!